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1st Head of Contingent Meeting | Gdańsk

Gdańsk – the City of Freedom is the host city of European Jamboree 2020 with its motto – ACT. 1st Head of Contingent Meeting took place between 26th and 28th October. In the agenda: ice-breakers and a round of getting to know each other, field trip to Sobieszewo Island and Q&A session. The great members of contingent create a cosy, scouting atmosphere in the heart of Gdańsk – City Culture Institute.

Participants during 1st HoC meeting represent: Association of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Austria (Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs), Guiding and Scouting Belgium, Scout Association of Croatia, Junak – Czech Scouting, The Danish Scout Association, Guides and Scouts of Finland, Scoutisme Francis – EEDF, Georgian Girl Scout Association Dia, Ringe Deutscher Pfadfinderverbände (RDP), Hungarian Scout Association, Irish Girl Guides, Scouting Ireland, SIL – Scouting in Luxemburg, Malta Girl Guides, The Scout Association of Malta, Guides and Scouts of Norway, AEP – Scout Association of Portugal, Scouting Nederlands, National Organization of Romanian Scouts, Slovensky Scouting (SLSK), Slovenian Catholic Guides and Scouts Association (ZSKSS), Scout Association of Slovenia, Federación de Escultismo en España, The Guides and Scouts of Sweden, Girl Guiding UK, The Scout Association UK.

European Jamboree is a joint event by WOSM and WAGGGS. <3