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2nd Head of Contingent Meeting on Sobieszewo Island

Over the weekend of 14-16th June, almost 100 representatives of Scout and Guide organisations from across the world, met in Gdansk to discuss the developments in the European Jamboree 2020. This is a joint event of WOSM and WAGGGS, hosted by ZHP, the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association.

The contingents who attended the meeting discussed various topics around the event which will host 15000 young people on the island in 13 months time. Topics were as wide-ranging as participants’ safety, logistics, catering, accompanying events, the educational program, as well as the recruitment of volunteers (IST – International Service Team) to support the jamboree. During the meeting participants also discussed their hopes and the challenges connected with the Jamboree in Poland. They shared their own ideas and solutions to each other’s challenges including preparing a traditionally Polish and Kashubian cookbook, which will allow participants to familiarise themselves with Polish traditions and culture.

During the meeting the contingent representatives had the opportunity to visit Gdansk and Sobieszewska Island, where they took  part in a scout campfire and sang  international songs with others involved in the European Jamboree organisation.

The European Jamboree will be held on Sobieszewska Island from July 27 – August 6, 2020, it will be one of the largest events organised by WOSM and WAGGGS in Europe and hosted by ZHP.