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An Eye of the Sea

The largest lake in the Tatra Landscape Park. The 8.5 km long route to Morskie Oko, which begins in Palenica Białczańska, is the second longest route in the Tatra Mountains. It takes about two hours to reach the lake walking down the asphalt paths.

This splendid cauldron is encircled by granite crags with a base filled with the 51 m deep lake which covers 34.9 hectares. As you get closer to Morskie Oko, on the left you can see the outline of the Apostoles, the Żabie couloir and the highest peak in Poland – Rysy. Opposite there are the Mieguszowiecki Summits and the most characteristic climbing route on the Mnich mountain. On the right you can see the Miedziane. In the summer it is one of the most frequently visited mountain routes.

The lake’s name derives from legends according to which the lake has an underground connection with the sea. Two mountain refuges are situated nearby: the new one and the old one, which used to serve as a coach house. The place is magical, charming, and it is hard to imagine the Tatra Mountains without it.

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