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Katowice. City of encourage

Just a few years ago Katowice was a somewhat sad, gray place with old steelworks and closed mines as the main features of the landscape. Now it is a vibrant city, full of life, culture, music and colours. It has changed entirely and is now

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Middle Roztocze – A Magical Land

With more than a hundred sunny days a year, delicious onion cakes, loess ravines and (not really wuthering) heights. We just need to add the incredibly hospitable and helpful farmers from the nearby villages and children who can turn a simple stick into a prince,

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Observatory on a forest clearing

Far from city lights and busy roads, among the forests of Pogórze Karpackie, there is a private astronomical observatory – the largest such observatory in Poland, the second largest in Europe. If the weather allows, the best way to reach it is by hiking along a tourist

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Polish Seaside

Almost every Pole will confirm that the Polish seaside and the Baltic Sea are the places to be during holidays. Let me take you on a journey along the Polish coast. Along with high desert sands and cliffs. A landscape of shipyards, marinas and city


Scouts ACT during pandemic!

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, COVID-19 and its rapid spread across the world, severe measures of social distancing have been implemented worldwide. These new safety rules have also affected our Scouting and Guiding lives. Our face to face indoor and outdoor activities have