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MyFootprint – Reducing your Carbon Footprint by Performing Eco-Activities!

Foil net or canvas bag? Going to school by car or by bike? Buying a new pair of shoes or repairing an old pair? Our daily dilemmas which shape the world we live in and really affect our planet. Those little steps can create a considerable impact, known as Carbon footprint. It may be dangerous because it generates greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

We know that the European Jamboree 2020 in Poland may have an impact on the environment. The central theme of the Jamboree is ACT, which aims to  help us to protect our planet, we want

Weekend in Warsaw – 3rd Head of Contingents Meeting

On January 31st Heads of Contingents met in Warsaw for the 3rd time. HoC from 35 countries came to Poland to discuss jamboree preparations for the last time before the beginning of the event in July.  

Friday with sharing session 

On Friday evening, the Jamboree Executive Team was introduced, and a representative of the city of Gdańsk welcomed HoC. The first session concerned Jamboree Promotion and Communications, Day Visitors, and Guest Services. An essential part of the evening was sharing sessions, which were run by some Contingents – Netherlands, Czechia, the UK, Chile, and German Scouts. Their main goal was sharing good practices about programme and organisation workflow in contingents. The sessions had a wide choice of topics, starting with the technical ones, ending with soft skills, for example, working within the contingent.  

Saturday for diversity, SFH, healthcare and jamboree site 

The second day started with a warm welcome from Jamboree Advisory Group, represented by Chip Veerle Haverhals, Lilit Chilingaryan, Emma Withington and Christine Pollithy. The last of them held a presentation about diversity and inclusion.  Richard Simons, the Head of Safe from Harm department, ran a presentation about SFH. The role of Listening Ear and Safe From Harm Training was mentioned. There were also presentations about Healthcare and Medical Services. 

The HoC could also learn more about the postal services, which will be provided by Poczta Harcerska Szczecin II, and see how the site will look and how the subcamps will be divided.  

The second part of the day, Head of Contingents spent on small sessions. Some department members were answering all the questions in a specially arranged area. They concerned eco-friendly living during jamboree, healthcare and medical services, registration process, IST Experience & Adventure, Guest Services, Safe from Harm, Special Needs, Transport, and Cargo. 

After the individual questions session, the presentation about the Jamboree Programme, its three main pillars; the topic of contingent tents was shown. 

Evening surprise – Goldberg’s machine  

In the evening, Heads of contingents took part …

Security Briefing 200 Days Before Jamboree

National and regional agencies will support the Jamboree organisation by creating a secure environment for participants, volunteers and visitors.

Specific solutions related to public and fire safety and medical assistance will be implemented during the Jamboree.

On 9th of January 2020, two hundred days before the Opening Ceremony, representatives of national and regional agencies and the Jamboree Organisation took part in a briefing led by Karol Gzyl, Jamboree Director, which provided information on the status of preparation for the biggest event of summer 2020.

Daily expeditions for over 2,200 people

Over 21,200 people from 73 countries and territories around the …