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Autumn Jamboree Planning Team Meeting in Gdańsk

The last three days have been filled with the true multicultural and international spirit of Scouting and Guiding.

The third Jamboree Planning Team meeting saw more than one hundred volunteers from many European countries including; Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain, Norway and Ireland gather in Gdansk. During the meeting we were able to discuss the European Jamboree programme and legal affairs. The Jamboree Executive Team brought us to updates about the Jamboree core areas and the work that has been completed since our last meeting. We also had the opportunity to work in our Operational Areas. We have looked through the day by day schedule, viewed the amazing prototype designs for the street furniture, prepared by the Design Department and we have taken part in many multi-department discussions. 

Jamboree Project Team members attend a JPT meeting in the city of Gdansk, Poland October 12, 2019. ZHP/Kamil Jasinski

Following a busy and productive days, we took advantage of  the opportunity to explore and experience the beautiful city of Gdansk.