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Lots of attractions on Sobieszewo Island this weekend

1st weekend of September there will be an opportunity to take part in 2 unique events. The first is the Sky Bazaar, organized by the International Gdańsk Fair SA (MTG SA) on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Sobieszewo Island. Also, Aero Club Gdańsk together with Dream Baloon prepared a baloon festival.

As part of the attractions, we will have two rounds of balloon competitions. September 5 at 5:00 p.m. the 1st round (qualification) of the balloon competition starts, and at 8:30 p.m. will be held Night Balloon Gala.
Before the balloons take off into the sky, participants will be able to watch: parachute jumps, Robinson 44 helicopter flights, aeroplanes and gliders competitions. And that’s not all of course: on this day, guests will also be able to watch a drone competition! It is the only such competition in Poland this year. You will be able to watch a race of the latest models and types of drones.

On Sunday, September 6, we could watch the competitions: the second round of the balloon festival (finals) and the Cup of the President of the City of Gdańsk in the Sports Drone Tournament.

Guest on both days could see the acrobatics of Łukasz Czepiela – 2018 Red Bull Air Race World Champion in the Challenger Class. Łukasz caught the aviation bug at the age of 6. It was when his father took him to an air show in Jasionka near Rzeszów.

Also, at the Aero Club’s stand throughout the weekend, you will be able to see: a glider, a powered hang glider, a powered paraglider or a balloon.
Visit Gdańsk – prepares a relaxation zone for participants.
In the zone prepared by MTG SA it will be possible to eat, for example, grilled dishes or regional cuisine. The offer of 6 of them will be waiting for Food track lovers.

Moreover, fantastic attractions will be prepared for the participants by Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture (GAK), Partnership for the Sobieszewo Island and OSP Świbno. There will be orienteering races, competitions, balloon and parachute workshops, and sports and fire competitions for the cup of the Mayor of Gdańsk.

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