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Baltic Sail Gdańsk 2020 – XXIV festival of the most beautiful sailing ships

This is the 24th time that the Gdańsk Sailing Festival is being held. Despite the epidemic and restrictions, 20 traditional vessels and 76 sailing and motor yachts, mainly under the Polish flag, came to the event.

From Friday 4 September to Monday 7 this year’s Baltic Sailing Festival will take place in Gdansk. Baltic Sail, the largest international sailing event in Gdańsk so far identified with the beginning of summer, this year takes place exceptionally at the end of the season. The organisers have managed to assemble 20 traditional vessels, including General Zaruski, Libava, Captain Borchardt, Ark, Antica, Gedania, Bonaventura, Olander, Dar Szczecina, among others. As every year during the Baltic Sail there is no shortage of music and attractions for the youngest in the educational space.

“We are very happy that Gdańsk is once again hosting this event and we are pleased to welcome all the guests – the new ones as well as those who have been with us for years. We hope that you will spend these four days feeling the spirit of the sea and admiring Gdańsk from the water” – says Piotr Borawski, Deputy President for Enterprise and Climate Protection.

Cruises on traditional vessels

The biggest attraction of Baltic Sail are cruises on the waters of the Gulf of Gdansk. Each cruise on a traditional vessel takes about 3 hours and starts at Rybacki Pobrzeże. During the first part of the voyage you can observe the port with its historical elements. After lowering their heads, the sailing ships will sail to the Gulf of Gdansk and, if possible, start sailing.

Sailing ship parade on the Gulf of Gdansk

The culmination of each Baltic Sail rally is a Sunday parade of all sailing ships, sailing and motor yachts. Units could be observed on Sunday 6th September from 10.30 am.

phot. press releases/City of Gdansk