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Bike Jamboree Final in Gdańsk

Today sees the last stage in the Bike Jamboree; the very first bike relay around the world that started in May 2017. 

The  37 stages included travelling through Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan – and the freezing cold of Siberia and Mongolia.

Bike Jamboree event in Gdansk, Poland December 14, 2019. ZHP/Karolina Posnik

But why is it called Bike Jamboree? 

The first part is obvious, but why call it a Jamboree? The reason for that is because many of members of Bike Jamboree took part in the 2015 World Scout Jamboree, held in Japan. They rode to Japan on their bikes but flew back. They planned to travel by bike to the next Jamboree in the United States but instead decided to ride back to Poland on them.

Their journey was possible because of the values that they hold in their hearts, the brotherhood of Scouting. On their way to Gdańsk in Western Europe, participants have been promoting the European Jamboree.

The Bike Jamboree final has started on 13th December by decorating Christmas trees and talks about the different stages of the Bike Jamboree. On Saturday activities took place in Scout House in Gdansk, after the arrival of the last stage. Participants shared memories from the other stages of the Bike Jamboree. Sunday will involve more activities. People will have the chance to have a swim in the sea and go sightseeing in Gdańsk. Robert Maciąg will deliver a lecture and the Bike Jamboree team will end the whole event by summarising the whole project and share their plans for their future activities.