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Opening Ceremony (WAKE UP!)

3, 2, 1, start – let’s begin! We don’t have a minute to waste! Let’s start the Jamboree! We invite every participant to join the call and Wake Up to the ecological challenges our world is facing. The Earth is in danger. The European Jamboree aims to inspire us all to take action to save our future. The Opening Ceremony concert will begin with a brass band followed by many other artists which will reflect the international nature of the event. We’ve put together an eclectic show with a mixture of music, acrobatics and dance from the very best of Polish artists. Last but not least, the Jamboree Song will be performed for the first time in public by a specially formed International Scout Band.

Unity Ceremony(The Ceremony of Fire – LOOK AROUND!)

With the Ceremony of Fire, we want to strengthen the feeling of unity, solidarity and togetherness. In the current world, we tend to close off from others far too often and focus too much on ourselves. Let’s make the bonds between us stronger and more meaningful! We have the responsibility to encourage young Scouts and Guides to connect with the people around them so that together they can create a better world. We plan to organise a parade through the main Jamboree paths, gathering artists and Jamboree participants along the way. We aim to encourage the participants to look around and get to know each other, to learn something about those around them and to build valuable relationships. The culmination of the ceremony will be a bonfire where we will invite the participants to join together in celebration.

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Closing Ceremony (ACT!)

We have reached the end of the European Jamboree 2020 but while this is the end of our adventure here, it is also the start of many new beginnings. First of all, it’s time for us all to go back to our homes and ACT. It is time for the Scouts and Guides to continue their hard work on our future and the future of Earth. The shape of the Closing Ceremony will be in the participants’ hands. Several thousand audience members will have a real impact on the course of the concert. Conducted by professional musicians, the participants will become an enormous, harmonised and well-tuned orchestra. The Closing Ceremony, as a final event, is not only a chance to discover or improve our musical skills but is also an opportunity for us to come together one last time. We will end the Jamboree by leaving aside any prejudice or differences and joining together through music.