Climate Youth Forum

Climate Youth Forum will consist of plenary sessions and workshops to inspire and motivate young people to reACT on the global challenges of the modern world. As speakers and workshop leaders there will be invited top world activists and educators. Due to organisational limitations in the Forum will participate maximum 100 participants out of 10,000 participants of the Jamboree. The participants of the Forum will be selected from the group of the most active participants of the Jamboree, who completed the pre-Jamboree task and effectively participate in the reduction of the carbon footprint during the Jamboree. The materials and audiovisuals from the Forum will be available online on web and social media for other participants of the Jamboree, their friends and families, as well as for other interested parties.

Climate Youth Forum will be run jointly by National Scout Organisations from Visegrad Group

The project is supported by Visegrad Fund