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Scouts take part in sport activities at a camp site on Sobieszewo Island in Gdansk, Poland August 9, 2019. ZHP/Sebastian Strachowski

What is Powers?

POWERS is an on-site, one-day module in which Scouts and Guides will discover or develop their talents in different areas of life. The programme is divided into six areas: Science, Sport, Arts, Traditions, Health and Community. In this module, participants will get the chance to gain the skills of the 21st Century. They will learn everything from creativity, through leadership to technological literacy and everything in between. Each patrol will have the opportunity to take part in three different activities from three different areas.

In the Science area, participants will get the chance to conduct their own experiments or learn how to programme robots.

In the Sports area, there will be both traditional and modern games and different team-building activities.

Within the Arts area, there will be an opportunity for participants to discover their own creative talents within various fields of art. Activities in this area will include, among others, glass painting, jewellery making, photography or even circus skills.

Nicolaus Copernicus Monument, Torun, Poland. The monument made by Christian Friedrich Tieck, located on the Old Town Square, unveiled in 1853.
07.08.2018 Gdansk, Wyspa Sobieszewska . fot . Matylda Hojnor / ZHP

The Traditions area will give the participants a new way to look at the past, offering reflections on traditional living and heritage. They will explore traditional methods of cooking, games, crafts and customs. The Health area is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and a variety of medical skills. Here, participants will find workshops about transplantation, first aid and relaxation techniques.

Finally, there will be a Community area. This area encourages participants to think about the communities they live in, on both a small and large scale, and the impact they have within them. Activities will take the form of workshops and debates dealing with topics such as human rights, democracy and public speaking.