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European Jamboree Cancelled

Over the past two weeks, the European Jamboree Organization has been working closely with their partners in the European Regions of WAGGGS and WOSM, as well as the Host City of Gdańsk. After careful consideration of the available data based on the unsettled situation with the global COVID-19 pandemic, and a significant drop in registered participants, the decision has been taken to cancel the event.

The number of confirmed registered participant has dropped below the 10,000 necessary, to host a financially viable event. While the final numbers continue to fluctuate, we do not have sufficient numbers to be able to proceed.

The situation around the COVID-19 pandemic remains extremely unstable. Although a thorough risk assessment has been conducted and updated regularly, including dozens of modifications to mitigate these risks, we are still facing a high level of insecurity on how and when we will be able to host large-scale events again. This is also why we have chosen not to postpone the event a second time. 

– This year has tried all of us in unprecedented ways, turning our world, our lives, and our plans upside down. During these challenging months, this Jamboree became more than just an international camp. It became a symbol of Guiding and Scouting flourishing again.– It became a beacon of hope that we will soon be able to return to what makes Scouting and Guiding special to us – meeting in person and discovering ourselves and the world together. We are confident that we will, in time, be able to celebrate our unity in diversity again. Unfortunately, not in the summer of 2021 in Gdańsk. We will meet again on our Scout and Guide journeys and continue to ACT! – said the Jamboree director, Karol Gzyl.

The European Jamboree is at its core an international celebration of brother and sisterhood. An event where Scouts and Guides from WOSM (World Organization of the Scout Movement) and WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Scouts) could meet together and show that young people can change the world for the better. Participation in the jamboree was supposed to engage and encourage its participants to take responsibility for our planet and start small, using local actions for sustainable development and environmental protection by implementing the European Jamboree slogan – “ACT!”.

The organiser of the European Jamboree was the Polish Scouting Association and both world scouting organisations (WOSM and WAGGGS); hosted by the City of Gdańsk.



The Jamboree Organisation aims to be close all agreements and financial operations in the next two months and will initiate partial reimbursements to the contingents. All payments from individual Scouts and Guides were gathered within their national contingent of WOSM and WAGGGS respectively, and the reimbursement process will be completed in a simialr manner-  from the  European Jamboree Organisation to each  contingent.

Reimbursements are also available to the Contingents that chose to withdraw  from the Jamboree in the months prior to the decison. The reimbursement process will start in December 2020.  

Personal Data

All personal data provided by the Contingents is planned to be erased from the Registration Portal and the European Jamboree files by 31 December 2020.


We intend that the evaluation process of the European Jamboree will produce a Final Report that will be delivered to the regional committees of WOSM and WAGGGS by April 2021. 

Contingent Support

The EJ2020+1 Contingent Support and all contact e-mails (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]) will continue to operate at least until the reimbursement process is complete.