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From New Zealand to Chile: Heads of Contingent Meeting goes on-line

This Saturday, 16 May, 120 members of the Contingent Management Teams participated in the first totally on-line meeting in preparation for the European Jamboree.

“We are here to redefine a timeline, but most of all we are here to prepare the extraordinary, educational and one in a lifetime experience for Scouts and Guides from our countries and associations. ” – said Karol Gzyl, Jamboree Director in the opening remarks.

The on-line meeting was divided into thematic sessions led by the members of the Jamboree Executive Team and the Planning Team. The general purpose was to share with the HoCs new information about changes and adjustment in the EJ2020 that are ahead us due to postponing the event to summer 2021.

One of the most important topics which Heads of Contingents discussed is the participation of already registered scouts and guides turning 18 years old this year. The Jamboree Organisation allows it, although the decision if the contingent will consist also with 18 years old participants is up to the contingent. If the contingent does not allow it, this is an “easy transfer path” in place for volunteering in the International Service Team.

The operational area of the Educational Programme updated HoCs about the Pre-Jamboree Task, Connecting Experience and the Virtual Campfire in Gdańsk. Technical details of new deadlines for preparation of the modular programme were also discussed.The JPT members presented a newly designed “Connecting Experience” programme activities package published on our website. The Connecting Experience activities aim is to encourage scouts and guides to be aware of global issues and encourage them to take action to make a difference. By understanding the SDGs they will be able to make informed and independent decisions on the issues that matter to them. Owing to this, CE may help your scouts and guides not only to understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals but also use them in daily life. The activities have been designed to focus on each goal at a time. These will help Scouts and Guides to understand the SDGSs and their positive impact on our planet. The Connecting Experience has been created for scouts and guides, from the age of seven years. It doesn’t matter whether they are taking part in EJ2020 or not. It is an exciting opportunity that will enrich their lives.

The Planning Team informed also about the outcomes of the risk assessment in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak. Additional mitigation measures will be implemented for the EJ2020. The Jamboree Organisation continues to follow recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the national public health agencies. Our special task force continues to monitor the overall situation.

Registration Portal for participants and volunteers will be reopened this month to allow contingents changes in their records. Information about updated timeline and technicalities were provided as well.

Our next meeting has been scheduled for the Virtual Campfire on 28 July 2020. We will broadcast live from the Jamboree campsite at Sobieszewska Island. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Jamboree Director’s Opening Remarks