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How to build a contingent?

  1. Decision

Your NSO/MO will need to decide whether they make a contingent for the European Jamboree 2020. Please note that individuals or individual groups of Scouts or Guides cannot register directly for the European Jamboree 2020.

  1. HoC – Head of Contingent

The leader is the key. Your NSO/MO should appoint the Head of Contingent who will be responsible for the organisation of the contingent, participants and IST.

  1. Let’s register!

Next step is to register for the European Jamboree 2020! In the first application form we only ask for an estimated number of participants and IST in your contingent.

  1. Create your Avengers Team, we mean: Contingent Management Team.

The CMT is a group of leaders with knowledge and experience in organisation, financial management, international travel, care of young people, and international relations. The CMT will also provide an ideal environment in which next generations of  leaders can develop their skills.

With the help of your NSO/MO find great people to work with and plan your preparation as soon as possible. It will save you time and trouble later.

  1. Budget

Before announcing the recruitment for your European Jamboree 2020 Contingent, please carefully estimate your needs and budget. Maybe you have some sponsorship opportunities?

  1. Promotion and recruitment

Now comes the fun, but on the other hand also the hard part of Contingent-making process. Send e-mails and circulars, share posts via your organisation’s social media channels, talk to leaders, send out leaflets, etc. We have prepared a few graphics that you might find helpful to promote the event to participants. You can find them in the Attachment No. 1 to this Bulletin.

  1. Attend a Study Visit and Head of Contingent Meetings

A Study Visit during the ZHP National Jamboree in Gdańsk is planned for 10th – 12th August 2018. First Head of Contingent Meeting is planned for 26th – 28th October 2018 in Gdańsk.

  1. Participants and unit leaders

The Scout unit size is 36 young people and 4 adult leaders. The unit should be organised into 4 patrols of 9 young people. If your Contingent does not have enough patrols to form a complete unit, you will be joined with patrols from other countries to form a unit. Each patrol in a combined unit must provide one adult leader.

  1. Meet us, talk or write to us!

As a Jamboree Planning Team we are willing to help you, answer your questions and dispel your doubts. If you have any organisational and overall questions, please contact us at [email protected]