IST Adventure

Hi International Service Team Members! 

We have prepared a special offer for you. Would you like to make new friends and explore Poland before coming to the European Jamboree 2020? If the answer is yes, you should check out our IST Adventure Programme.  

The IST Adventure is an extra (additional) part of the programme that will allow IST to explore some parts of Poland and make friends in international groups of adult Scouts and Guides from all over Europe and around the world.  

Poland is a beautiful country where you can find amazing nature – mountains, lakes and forests, vibrant cities and charming villages. The IST Adventure proposes a catalogue of various routes all over Poland made up of two or three days of activities. Participants of IST Adventure will have a chance to go on a hike, kayaking, cycling or learn more about Polish culture traditions, food, history, and of course, its people. 

Interested? If yes, let’s ACT then!  

Step one

Read the route descriptions and IST Adventure Terms and Conditions. 

Step two

Choose the one you want to join.

Step three

Register via the following link.

Step four

Wait for the email which will confirm your registration and provide you with the bank account details for payment.

Step five

Pay for your route.

Step six

Wait for the email with confirmation that your payment was received and you are accepted for the IST Adventure Programme.

Step seven

Wait for the details from your route organiser (please note that they will only arrive in your e-mail inbox after closing of the registration, no earlier than at the end of February).

Step eight

Come to Poland and start the best adventure of 2020 with us!

Before registering for the IST Adventure, you should know that: 

Places to participate in the IST Adventure are limited and include an additional cost.  

The price depends on the route and is not included in the Jamboree fee. 

Participants must find their own way to the route and the IST Adventure Team will organise transport to the Jamboree site.   

IST Adventure routes take place between 20th and 24th of July 2020 (all IST members must arrive at the Jamboree site the latest on 25th of July). 

Sounds like a good adventure?

Follow the river!

Follow the river!

Route name: Follow the river!
Dates: 23-24.07.2020
Location: Zapora – Wowizoda – Rudzki Most (Brda river)
Participation fee: 480 PLN
Availiable places: 146/150

Bike European Jamboree Challenge

Bike European Jamboree Challenge

Route name: Bike European Jamboree Challenge
Dates: 21-24.07.2020
Location: Ściborki at Ściborska Republic
Participation fee: 990 PLN
Availiable places: 49/50

Extreme Exploring of Western Pomerania

Extreme Exploring of Western Pomerania

Route name: Extreme Exploring of Western Pomerania
Dates: 22-24.07.2020
Location: Borne Sulinowo in the heart of Western Pomerania
Participation fee: 540 PLN
Availiable places: 194/200

Mysterious Podlasie

Mysterious Podlasie

Route name: Mysterious Podlasie
Dates: 21-24.07.2020
Location: Białystok –Waliły –Borki –Supraśl –Białystok
Participation fee: 650 PLN
Availiable places: 35/40

Nida Adventure

Nida Adventure

Route name: Nida Adventure
Dates: 22-24.07.2020
Location: Wolica –Stare Kotlice
Participation fee: 900 PLN
Availiable places: 49/50

River “Skrwa” Rally

River “Skrwa” Rally

Route name: River “Skrwa” Rally
Dates: 20-24.07.2020
Location: Tłuchowo – Cierszewo – Sierpc – Dobrzyń nad Wisłą
Participation fee: 450 PLN
Availiable places: 22/40



Route name: Sweetwater
Dates: 20-24.07.2020
Location: Piła Młyn – Bydgoszcz
Participation fee: 600 PLN
Availiable places: 43/50


For any questions, please contact the IST Adventure Team at