Educational Motto: ACTEvery Scout and Guide possesses potential to become a driver of social change. They are all invited to come to the Jamboree and discover their power! Scouts and Guides will inter-ACT with others of various cultures, of various languages and various countries. They will learn through adventures, eye-opening discussions, and inspiring workshops. They will discover their power and find out where their helping hands are needed. Scouts and Guides will have a chance to ACT using their new skills and make a change in the society.

Educational Goals

  • Encourage Scouts and Guides to discover their potential to change the world.
  • Raise Scouts’ and Guides’ awareness of challenges for Europe and for the world, as well as responsibility for their local communities.
  • Gain knowledge on how to act as an active citizen of Europe and of the world.
  • Build openness towards others to live in peace.
  • Learn how to embrace challenges, develop self-reliance, build self-confidence and spark off the need for continuous self-improvement.
  • Raise awareness, develop skills and shape attitudes to achieve the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through creating a learning environment for the future young leaders of local communities.
  • Give an opportunity to experience the amazing Jamboree adventure!



Security Briefing 200 Days Before Jamboree


Visit the Jamboree!


Adventure Awaits! Last Days to Join the IST


Bike Jamboree Final in Gdańsk

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