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Free Time Activities

Scouts take part in sport activities at a camp site on Sobieszewo Island in Gdansk, Poland August 9, 2019. ZHP/Sebastian Strachowski

What is on offer

The IST Experience will provide opportunities for rest, having fun and self-development.

An important part of this is to give adult volunteers space for their personal development through inspiring programme activities and spaces planned and organised only for them. The programme will be divided into five areas of personal development:

  • physical (e.g. morning yoga or evening zumba, fitness activities and other sport games, as well as eat healthy, be active workshops);
  • intellectual (workshops during which ISTs will have a chance to learn new skills, develop their talents and creativity);
  • emotional (Food Houses/cafes and chill-out zones or quiet areas will provide opportunities to interact with other adult volunteers, as well as a comfort space for individual leisure);
  • social (parties or other cultural activities);
  • spiritual (activities focused on exploring faiths, beliefs and attitudes that are meaningful to young people individually).

IST members will be asked to contribute to these activities so that they can share experiences and learn from each other. IST will also have a chance to take part in the Welcome & Farewell Party only for them. Please note that the scope of free time activities depends on there being enough numbers of IST to both deliver the activities and fulfil other tasks.

Crowd of scouts wave their scarfs at KISC in KISC, Switzerland August 1, 2016. WOSM/Victor C. Ortega