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Jamboree Advisory Group expands 

On 28th January 2019 the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts announced new members appointed to the European Jamboree 2020 Advisory Group (JAG).

We are happy to welcome new lead volunteers, who are Emma Withington (Girlguiding UK) and Maria Skarp (Guides and Scouts of Finland). Both have been members of WAGGGS regional volunteers group and also have an experience in joint work. In addition, they also have valuable experience from their previous engagements in their member organizations. 

Staff support from WAGGGS side has been announced as well. The main staff support is Eirini Kappou. She has joined recently WAGGGS office as Programme Coordinator. Manuela Capraro will also support the work from WAGGGS staff side. 

The Jamboree Advisory Group is an advisory and counselling body for the Jamboree Planning Team. Main function of the JAG is to ensure the liaison between the WOSM and WAGGGS regions and the Host Organisation, express opinion and advise the JPT on the Educational Programme concept, participation fees, budget, risk management plan and other matters crucial for success of the Jamboree, and to support the promotion of the Jamboree at various events and in networks at European level.

Full list of Jamboree Advisory Group (JAG) – alphabetic order:

Ms Sian Bagshaw

Ms Manuela Capraro

Ms Lilit Chilingaryan

Ms Chip Veerle Haverhals

Ms Eirini Kappou

Mr Jack Maxton

Ms Christine Pollithy

Mr Jørgen G. Rasmussen

Ms Maria Skarp

Mr Radu Stinghe

Ms Emma Withington