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Jamboree Planning Team

Jamboree Project Team meeting in Warsaw, February 29, 2020. ZHP/Agata Radulevic

Who are they?

The Jamboree Planning Team is composed of an international team with different backgrounds and disciplines. Each member has their own speciality and is mixed with people who have a lot of experience and newcomers. Scouts and Guides from all around the world are preparing the European Jamboree and are organised in 42 departments.

Every department is responsible for a crucial part of  Jamboree, from financial matter to social media. All of that makes the European Jamboree 2020 such an amazing event.

The Jamboree Planning Team works non-stop to make this event successful and well-organised, but the memories of the participants are priceless to them.

Jamboree Project Team members attend a JPT meeting in the city of Gdansk, Poland October 12, 2019. ZHP/Kamil Jasinski