July 2018 Open call for the Jamboree Planning Team (International) opens

August 2018 HoC Study Visit during the ZHP National Jamboree

September 2018 Due date for Head of Contingent appointment (prolonged)

Due date for the Contingent Registration Form (prolonged)

October 2018 Contingent Registration System opens

November 2018 Head of Contingent Meeting #1

December 2018 Bulletin No. 3

January 2019 First rate (deposit) payment deadline

May 2019 Head of Contingent Meeting #2

International Service Team registration opens

Registration System opens for participants from outside European Scout Region WOSM and Europe Region WAGGGS

September 2019 Participants Registration deadline

Second rate payment deadline

December 2019 IST Registration closes

January 2020 Head of Contingent Meeting #3

March 2020 Third (final) rate payment deadline

27th July – 6th August 2020 European Jamboree ACT

In order to encourage more Scouts and Guides from as many countries as possible to participate in the European Jamboree 2020, and to demonstrate solidarity, fees are discounted by category of country. This approach is based on the Gross National Income per capita of each country.

The categorisation of the countries can be found below.


Price in PLN (Polish Zloty)

A 1100
B 1400
C 1650
D 1850
E 2200
IST 1200

Please note that participation fee will be collected in PLN (Polish Zloty).

Payment schedule

The payment schedule is as follows:


Date Percent of the fee for each category of country
First rate (deposit) 31st January 2019 10%
Second rate 30th September 2019 40%
Third (final rate) 31st March 2020 50%


A deposit will be applied to the contingent concerned, not individuals. You may, there­fore, change names or the category of your registration (e.g. change names of 3 people or delate 1 CMT and add 1 IST). Please note that deposit will not be refunded under any circum­stances.

Late registration surcharge

Any late registrations of additional members, or changes of names are subject to a 5% surcharge.

The final payment must be received in full for all registered contingent members before 31st of March 2020. Any payments arriving later will be subject to an additional 5% late surcharge.



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Weekend in Warsaw – 3rd Head of Contingents Meeting


Security Briefing 200 Days Before Jamboree


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