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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – New EJ2020 Project has just started!

The Scouting and Guiding adventure based on three pillars WAKE UP, LOOK AROUND, and ACT was created to inspire respect and care for our planet in Scouts & Guides all around the world. That is why the volunteers responsible for EJ2020’s programme have created a unique resource called the Connecting Experience. The activities are based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the 17 Global Goals. What are they? They can be understood as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Through the Connecting Experience, you will find a wide range of games, discussion topics, projects and many other educational activities – all designed for specific age ranges! It doesn’t matter whether you are taking part in EJ2020 or not – this is an opportunity to contribute to the tremendous global changes! While working with the Connecting Experience, all the groups/patrols have a chance to complete over 100 tasks. Each task is rewarded with points! Every 10,000 points scored together by the participants will result in real action – by building a real beehive in Poland!

How do you take part in the Connecting Experience? Simply follow these easy steps. Take a few minutes to look through the SDGs. All of the tasks are divided into chapters related to the SDGs. This makes it really easy to find the activities and topics that will be of interest to your Scouts and Guides. You can adapt the activities, taking into account your local area as well as the number of participants in your group and of course, their age. It’s worth drawing your attention to some of the tasks that are marked with a symbol. This symbol means that the activity is either suitable or can be adapted for your young people to undertake while at home. After you have downloaded the activity sheet, complete the task with your group, then claim your points via the online form.

Collecting points happens in two ways. The first is in your group/troop. For each activity, your group completes, it will receive 10 points. Once your Scouts & Guides have earned a certain number of points, you can reward them with a badge: bronze for 30 points, silver for 90 points and gold for 150 points. The second level is an international one. It means that every time groups/troops earn 10,000 points collectively; a real beehive will be built in Poland!

The concept of Connecting Experience is based on SDGs and the idea of protecting bees and areas where hives can still be found. Why have bees been chosen? The answer is simple. Bees are responsible for the welfare of many plants important to agriculture and the balance of the ecosystem. Three-quarters of what we eat is created as a result of their tireless work. Unfortunately, bees are endangered by environmental changes around the world. What happens if they disappear? Put simply plant production will decrease by 75%, and a third of crops will need to be pollinated in alternative ways.

The Connected Experience is an exciting opportunity that will enrich our lives and spread the idea of ACT among people who will not be able to attend the Jamboree in Gdansk, but still want to be part of this fantastic adventure. These challenging activities invite all Scouts and Guides to WAKE UP, LOOK AROUND and ACT!