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Host City Team Meeting with the Jamboree Organizers

Deputy Mayor of Gdańsk Piotr Grzelak and Jamboree Directors Karol Gzyl with Artur Glebko met at the City Hall to review the progress of preparation for the European Jamboree 2020. Cooperation between Jamboree Organisation and the City of Gdańsk authorities is systematical. Municipal agencies involved in supporting the Jamboree provided an update on important areas of preparation: transport, safety and security and the educational programme. Work is progressing well, according to the project plan.

We have formed a strong partnership with local uniform services to make this event safe for all the scouts coming to Gdańsk. Cooperation with local authorities to make Jamboree safe is our priority. In the case of transport, we have a partnership with Flixbus. These companies made offers for scouts coming from all around the world. We also have an agreement with transport authorities in Gdańsk to help to get participants to the campsite from the city centre and back. Educational Programme of the Jamboree is fully packed with a variety of activities so that scouts will have the opportunity to develop in different fields.

During the meeting, the COVID-19 outbreak was discussed. The Jamboree Organisation and the Host City will continue to monitor the situation. A special communication to the Contingent Management Teams was circulated on 23rd February 2020. Safety of the participants is the essential thing for Jamboree Organisation; we are working in cooperation with the Polish National Sanitary Inspection and local authorities to assess risks for the Jamboree Organisation. In the Host City, a special multi-agency team is working to provide the Jamboree Organisation with the support required from the Host City.

Hard work for Jamboree Executive Team and Jamboree Planning Team continues as there are 145 days until the European Jamboree 2020 starts.