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07.08.2018 Gdansk , Wyspa Sobieszewska . Gra na 100 lecie . fot. Weronika Malachowska / ZHP


Foil net or canvas bag? Going to school by car or bike? Buying a new pair of shoes or repairing an old one? These are our daily dilemmas! Did you know that these little decisions shape the reality we live in? They really affect our planet, they are not indifferent to it. A plastic bottle may decompose for hundreds of years! We know that these every day, little steps can leave a considerable print. Carbon footprint. What is this? It is a trace that all of your everyday actions leave on the planet. It may be dangerous because it generates greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. That is why the impact of your life on the climate is called YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT.

We will never be able to reduce it to zero, but we can try to cut it with our small decisions. You have probably already had a head full of ideas on how to change your daily habits to become a better citizen of the world! You may perhaps wonder how to reach Poland, European Jamboree 2020, without harming our planet. We want to help you with this and introduce you to MyFootprint – an exceptional Pre-Jamboree Task. MyFootprint is a web app that allows you to check, calculate and reduce what trace you will leave when you come to Sobieszewo Island. Just register in the application and add information on how you will get to EJ2020 to get access to the list of daily eco-activities and take a conscious challenge! You are not alone in this game at any time. Thanks to the overview of the overall pool of collected and reduced carbon footprints, you know that, along with you, others are also doing everything to change the world for the better place.


We are in an unprecedented situation, facing a global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Governments, local authorities and sanitary services are working days and nights on trying to tackle with this unpredictable enemy.

We, as Scouts & Guides, cannot remain indifferent! We want to motivate others to take real actions to their families and local communities.

Daily, small but permanent activities and habits are enough for it to happen!

The European Jamboree organisers have decided to prepare some unique tasks in our MyFootPrint web app for you!

We have changed some of the MyFootprint’s tasks. The ones connected to TRAVELING were repaced by #STAYHEALTHY category that shows teenagers that the most important thing right now is to focus more on well-being issues.

Architect Oskar Amiri, speaks with Karol Gzyl and Artur Glebko during a meeting with officials at City Hall in Gdansk, Poland October 1, 2019. ZHP/Konrad Kmiec

You can help the planet with small eco-activities!

  • You can realistically improve the planet’s climate;
  • You will find joy and meaning in every day changing the world for the better;
  • You will be aware of your daily decisions;
  • You can really reduce your carbon footprint;
  • You will gain knowledge that you can share with others;
  • Together with other participants of European Jamboree 2020 you are changing the reality around you for the better.