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MyFootprint – Reducing your Carbon Footprint by Performing Eco-Activities!

Foil net or canvas bag? Going to school by car or by bike? Buying a new pair of shoes or repairing an old pair? Our daily dilemmas which shape the world we live in and really affect our planet. Those little steps can create a considerable impact, known as Carbon footprint. It may be dangerous because it generates greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

We know that the European Jamboree 2020 in Poland may have an impact on the environment. The central theme of the Jamboree is ACT, which aims to  help us to protect our planet, we want to reduce any negetive impact of EJ2020! 

MyFootprint – an extraordinary Pre Jamboree Task

The Pre-Jamboree Task is for all EJ2020 participants. MyFootprint is a web app which has been designed to challenge them to reduce the Carbon Footprint they will produce whilst travelling to Sobieszewo Island. In the run-up to the Jamboree, participants can complete and log tasks that will reduce the impact of their journey to the Jamboree!

Points will be scored by completing eco-activites, which will be used to reduce the impact all the jounerys to the Jamboree have on the planet.

The purpose of MyFootprint

We want you to think about enviromental change and the impact you can have on the environment. For example by taking shorter showers, using reusable shopping bags, not using straws, and reducing the red meat in your diet – these are all easy changes to adopt that will have a positive impact on the environment. We want you to start your journey today, and change some of your habits that have a negative climate impact to more postitive ones!

Negative outputs – let’s change this!

The starting value that every particpant will have on MyFootprint will be negative. Each particpant will be tasked with recording their daily activities that can impact the planet. These tasks are split into six different categories: shopping, travel, home, food, hygiene and other.

The aim of recording your daily activities is to change your negative MyFootprint score to a positive one. The more tasks you complete, the closer to a positive score you will be. The aim isn’t just to make your MyFootprint value positive – you can help your fellow participants by doing extra tasks that will help them reduce the impact that their journey will create too!

Don’t wait – register today!

The MyFootprint Pre-Jamboree Task will be available from 15.02.2020 to 26.07.2020.

All information, (including how to register and score points) can be found at