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Myfootprint – #stayhealthy tasks

Due to the pandemic situation, many people have been asked to stay in their homes. Many adults spend their working hours in front of their computers, and teenagers are trying to use distance learning possibilities. As many psychologists say, the positive routines or habits may help us to stay in good psychological shape.


The European Jamboree Program Team has decided to prepare for you some unique tasks in our MyFootPrint web app. As we all know, our life has changed a bit recently, that is why new challenges concerning health issues can be found there. Thanks to them, you can learn more about health issues. You don’t have to leave home to reduce your footprint! You can do it at home! Let’s visit our webpage for more details!

We are in an unprecedented situation, facing a global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Governments, local authorities and sanitary services are working days and nights on trying to tackle with this unpredictable enemy. We, as Scouts & Guides, cannot remain indifferent! We want to motivate others to take real actions to their families and local communities. Daily, small but permanent activities and habits are enough for it to happen! The European Jamboree organisers have decided to prepare some unique tasks in our MyFootPrint web app for you!

We have changed some of the MyFootprint’s tasks. The ones connected to TRAVELING were repaced by #STAYHEALTHY category that shows teenagers that the most important thing right now is to focus more on well-being issues.

You can help the planet with small activities!

  • You will gain skill in activities that will help in the fight against a pandemic;
  • You will see how much your actions can do;
  • You will find joy and meaning in every day changing the world for the better;
  • You will be aware of your daily decisions;
  • You will gain knowledge that you can share with others;

We would like to thank you for the real help that you provide your relatives and local communities! You are the real world’s assets, be safe!

Follow the #stayhome recommendation.