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Official European Jamboree 2020 Shop Now Open

Official European Jamboree 2020 Shop Now Open

As of June 4, the official European Jamboree 2020 shop has opened. Here you will find official European Jamboree 2020 items as well as limited edition items available only untill the 22 of June. All items are shipped worldwide, or choose to pick up your order at the European Jamboree 2020 from 2 to 13 August 2021. All orders will be shipped after the 22 of June 2020.

June Pre-order

The Virtual Campfire on 28 July will be a great opportunity to feel the European Jamboree 2020+1 coming! For this occasion, the EJ2020 Shop prepared some unique European Jamboree 2020 souvenirs: a limited design T-shirt, special limited badge and many more! You can get those items ONLY in June preorder! So, if you are a collector, please do check our offer.
All products in the preorder can be found at this page.
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1. An order can be place only between 1 – 22 June 2020.
2. All orders will only be shipped after the preorder is ended.
3. We expect all orders to be shipped in the first half of July.
4. Some of the items on offer are limited editions especially available only in this preorder. After the end of the preorder you will not be able to get them again.