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Member, Programme and Symbolic Framework


Member, Programme and Symbolic Framework

Subcamp Management

1 open position

Position Summary

Member of the Unit will be responsible for enriching the subcamps in elements of the programme and symbolic framework (based on the programme and symbolic framework of the whole Jamboree), making sure Scouts and Guides have a place where they can network and spend time together, as well as that they feel that subcamps are their homes for few Jamboree days. The role is also about creating the environment of subcamps being sustainable and eco (in line with ACT Green Jamboree motto) and bringing the topic of nature alive by designing symbolic elements. The role involves cooperation with the Programme Department, Communications Department and Sustainability Unit. Additionally, the recruited person will be involved in cooperation and support for subcamps’ management teams in each of the subcamps.

The recruited person will be involved in planning the work of the whole Department. The work will begin before the Jamboree and will continue during the event.

This role will involve

  • Previous experience in being a member of the team organising national (country level event with a significant number of international participants), regional (WOSM or WAGGGS region level) or world (World Scout Jamboree) jamboree/international event, size above 5000 participants;
  • Previous experience in working within the programme and symbolic framework area;
  • Strong Scouting and/or Guiding background;
  • Time availability which will allow to be in contact with members of department, Subcamp Leaders, other departments and members of the Planning Team;
  • High creativity, willingness and initiative to design programme elements and symbolic framework around subcamps’ names and in line with symbolic framework of the European Jamboree;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and mentor staff and to coordinate teams, delegating tasks and prioritising tasks;
  • Exceptional project management and organizational skills in international environment, ability to work individually and in the team;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, problem solving skills;
  • Very good communication skills;
  • Ability to adapt to various situations prioritizing multiple work assignments simultaneously;
  • Demonstrable computer skills including proficiency in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams) and internet in a business environment (online collaborative tools);
  • Ability to work both individually and in a team environment;
  • English language fluency (speaking and writing); ability to speak other language will be an asset;
  • Precision and responsibility for given scope of responsibilities.

Nice to have

  • Previous experience in being a member of the subcamp management team for an international Scout/Guide event

What do we offer?

  • Service Agreement complying with Polish Law on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work
  • Access to Office365 Platform and EJ2020 Intranet
  • Introduction training for the role
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Planning team volunteer kit
  • Work in a young team
  • The experience of being part of an international event for 17 500 participants

How to apply

To apply, please follow the instructions on this link. Applications must be received by midnight on Tuesday 30th September 2020 Warsaw local time (GMT+2). The Host Organisation will ask the NSO/MO for endorsement of an applicant during the assessment process (WOSM/ WAGGGS members only). The registration fee for planning team members is 200 PLN.

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Assistance in the application process is provided by the Volunteers Support Department at [email protected]


30 September 2020

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