European Jamboree 2020 is organised by a lot of volunteers. We want to introduce you to our teams and show you some people behind the scenes! The people presented on this website are all part of our Jamboree Planning Team and Jamboree Advisory Group. The JPT is composed of an international team with different backgrounds and disciplines. Each member has their own speciality and is mixed with persons with a lot of experience and newcomers.

The European Jamboree 2020 Planning Team is divided into Jamboree Executive Team, nine Operational Area and in which it is included in total over thirty five Departments.

Jamboree Executive Team

Jamboree Executive Team is responsible for planning, preparing, delivering, running and evaluating the Jamboree.

Karol Gzyl – Jamboree Director
Artur Glebko – Finance Director
Agnieszka Siłuszek
Monika Woźnica
Marta Bańka
Katarzyna Roguszewska
Łukasz Anaszewicz
Oskar Amiri
Tomasz Michałowski

Jamboree Advisory Group

Jamboree Advisory Group is consisting of representatives appointed by the European Scout Committee WOSM and the Europe Committee WAGGGS:

Sian Baghaw
Manuela Capraro
Lilit Chilingaryan
Chip Veerle Haverhals
Eirini Kappou
Jack Maxton
Christine Pollithy
Jorgen G. Rasmussen
Maria Skarp
Radu Stinghe
Emma Withington

Jamboree Planning Team

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