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Polska Connects – the best place to Discover Poland!

Polska Connects is about shaing our positive feelings for our country. We belive that the land between th sea and the far mountains has some places, stories and secrets worth exploring. Through our work on this project we aim to show how wonderful Poland is.

Is a way to share perspective of what Poland is about. Our collection of stories comes from a wide variety of people – climbers, sailors, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs.

People who show how they work for local and international communities under the slogan “ACT!”

We believe that the land between the sea and the mountains has some amazing places, stories and secrets worth exploring.

Visiting our service you can find out about outstanding Polish researchers, writers or scientists or exceptional places and stories straight from the world of fairy tales and legends. We have also prepared playlists with Polish music, everyone will find the perfect sound for themselves!

Curious about what Poland has to offer?

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