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Port of Europe


What is the Port of Europe

Port of Europe will be the heart of the European Jamboree – this will be the plaza and the central part of the Jamboree village. In Port of Europe, Contingents will have their national tents offering evening programmes for participants. These national tents will also act as the office for the Contingent Management Teams. The Contingent Support Centre with its facilities will be located also there.

Evening Programme “Port of Europe”

After a long and exciting day, we would like to invite participants to relax and enjoy a variety of games, tasks, discussions and other activities prepared by National Contingents, Jamboree Planning Team and External Partners. We will focus on three areas: ACTIVE, CHILL and TALKS so that everyone will find space according to their needs. Activities will be repeated almost every day, so there will be time to try everything.

Participants attend international day during Central European Jamboree in Wroclaw, Poland August 10, 2019. ZHP/Konrad Kmiec