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Too Late to Participate? Registration Still Open for IST!

We are amazed by the number of countries interested in joining the European Jamboree 2020, but unfortunately, we can no longer accept any new patrol of participants.

While we would love to have more participants, it is important that we provide a safe Jamboree with a high-quality programme. This is the reason we cannot welcome at the Jamboree more than 17,600 participants. We have already reached this cap.

In spite of the fact that we cannot accept any more patrols, we are still looking for more International Service Team (IST) members to help make this event run as smoothly and be as enjoyable as possible. If you have any Scouts or Guides who are 18 years or older, we encourage them to register for the adventure of summer 2020. The deadline for IST registration is 31st December 2019. More about the IST registration you can find here.

Thank you again for your interest in the European Jamboree 2020, and we hope to see you at future events!