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Security Briefing 200 Days Before Jamboree

National and regional agencies will support the Jamboree organisation by creating a secure environment for participants, volunteers and visitors.

Specific solutions related to public and fire safety and medical assistance will be implemented during the Jamboree.

On 9th of January 2020, two hundred days before the Opening Ceremony, representatives of national and regional agencies and the Jamboree Organisation took part in a briefing led by Karol Gzyl, Jamboree Director, which provided information on the status of preparation for the biggest event of summer 2020.

Daily expeditions for over 2,200 people

Over 21,200 people from 73 countries and territories around the world will join the jamboree as participants and volunteers. Every day 2,200 participants will take part in expeditions and camp-in-camp in 11 scout bases in the region of Pomerania and Warmia-Mazury.

Mass events and medical assistance

During the jamboree, there will be 5 stage events with the status of mass events. Medical assistance will be provided to jamboree participants by the Jamboree Clinic, nine medical points and first-aid mobile patrols.

Visa process

Over 800 jamboree participants in cooperation with Polish and other EU diplomatic missions will have to apply for visas. Remaining over 20,400 do not need a visa to visit Poland.

Close cooperation with public services is needed to deliver a secure event for over 21,000 scouts and guides from around the world. The Jamboree Organisation expresses big appreciation for our counterparts from national, regional and municipal agencies helping us in this effort.