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Spiritual Development

08.08.2018 Gdansk , Wyspa Sobieszewska . Program wieczorny . Centrum duchowe . Kobieta w kosciele , feminizm w kosciele... wait, what ? fot . KAROLINA POSNIK / ZHP

The Spiritual Harbour

Be Prepared for spiritual development! Spirituality is everywhere in our daily Scouting and Guiding activities. At the Spiritual Harbour, located in the Port of Europe, participants can engage in an interactive spiritual rally aimed to excite, challenge and motivate. Participants will focus on their spirituality and the place it has in Scouting and Guiding through games, exploration, dialogue circles and inspiration from the different religious and spiritual networks in WOSM and WAGGGS.

In dedicated prayer areas and places of worship, participants have the opportunity to worship in the manner of their choice, together or alone. Various religious ceremonies will take place throughout the European Jamboree, in compliance with the needs of the various denominations. The Spiritual Development Zone is open throughout the European Jamboree and offers a variety of spiritual activities throughout each day and a dedicated program in the evening. Wake up, look around, ACT!

Muslim participants pray during Central European Jamboree in Wroclaw, Poland August 10, 2019. ZHP/Konrad Kmiec