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Spring Jamboree Planning Team Meeting in Warsaw

Meeting of all groups that prepare for the European Jamboree 2020 took place from 8th do 10th March in Warsaw.

On Friday there was a “Welcome to the team” session – members of the Jamboree planning team had an opportunity to get acquainted with members of the EJ2020 program and other participants.

Saturday was really busy – a meeting started with the introduction to project’s structure. There was a talk on WOSM’s, WAGGGS’s and the City of Gdańsk’s support for EJ2020 too. The participants also discussed about the program and the responsibilities of the International Service Team. After that, the time came for the participants to familiarize with the work of particular areas. An extremely important element for smaller groups in which they discussed current activities and plans. That was a moment to ask other teams some questions as well.

Sunday morning, heads of individual departments met in order to talk over the following activities. Then, each team presented its tasks for the nearest year and a half what was extremely important to realize the influence of departments’ work on each other and the importance of a cooperation while organizing Jamboree.