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Supporting Programme


Small Activities

At European Jamboree 2020, the fun is never-ending! Along with our main programme, we also have a supporting programme filled with games, educational trails, workshops and much, much more. This programme will be available throughout the whole day, providing a variety of experiences and endless fun! It will give participants, IST and leaders, the chance to explore another aspect of the Jamboree.

International Evening

International Evening is the big celebration of the Jamboree. An evening filled with emotions, colours and embracing diversity. During this evening, participants will discover different cultures and see what Scouting and Guiding is like in other countries. Along with exploring other cultures, they will also have the opportunity to share their own traditions, showcasing culture, music, national dancing or games. We would especially like each Contingent to present food from their countries so participants have the opportunity to go on a culinary journey.