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Scouts pick trash in a forest during Leaders' Jamboree in Perkoz, Poland August 16, 2019. ZHP/Michal Wiraszka

Sustainability at the Jamboree – Act Green

One of the main educational goals for the European Jamboree is to increase awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to encourage everyone to work towards them wisely and responsibly. We would like to make ACT GREEN to be the most important idea for all who will participate in the event. ACT GREEN is an idea strongly connected to each of 17 Global Goals and it means encouraging everyone to live more sustainably and responsibly. Our biggest aim is for everyone to WAKE UP for them understand that there is no time to waste and that we must start ACTING GREEN now. We would like our European Jamboree to be a space to create green habits – to ACT GREEN.

The ACT GREEN idea will encourage us to organise the European Jamboree to be as sustainable and ecological as possible. This means that we will undertake efforts to:

  • reduce production of waste, usage of water and energy as much as possible
  • involve the European Jamboree participants in pre- jamboree ACT GREEN tasks
  • show every participant, IST and CMT member how small changes in our everyday life can make a big change to the whole world – we hope that there will be a lot of possibilities to learn and form good habits during whole event
  • inspire everyone to create the world we all live in to be a better and greener place!