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THE FUTURE STARTS TODAY NOT TOMORROW- Polish National Jamboree Gdańsk 2018

The aim of the Polish National Jamboree “Gdansk 2018” was to celebrate the 100 years of Poland’s regaining independence, as well as the 100 years of the founding of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP). Having in mind scouting values, we wanted to inspire young people to change the world for the better. We achieved this by developing a motivating, exciting and engaging programme. The hub which you were assigned to determine the order of the modules which were: Heritage, Civilization, Water, Community Service, Kaleidoscope, Nature and Development. The program consists also of Regions Day, Spiritual Center, Stage with concerts, the stage with talks, evening programme.

Polish National Jamboree was the greatest test for all infrastructure solutions and programme activities prepared for European Jamboree 2020 which will take place in exact same place – on Sobieszewo Island in Gdańsk, near the Baltic Sea coast.

According to European Jamboree, the Polish Scouting and Guiding Organization could test a few things.

Team and roles in the group. Key to every event are people eager to create together a great experience for the participants. There were around 1000 volunteers although we should have more (around 1500) to organise work smoothly and keep it with sleep-rest-work balance.

Campsite on Sobieszewo Island. The campsite served us really well. The area is big, outside the city centre but still within 20-30 min ride from Gdańsk, near the Baltic Sea but far enough to control the participant safety. Green field crossed with little canals served us well.

Transportation. The traffic was jammed from time to time. There should be a new bridge to Sobieszewo Island until June 2018. although, because of some delays on the construction site it will be ready just by the end of September 2018. During EJ2020 bridge and better-managed traffic will remove jams.

Program: the modular program was prepared in such way that every jamboree troop (40) could participate in every kind of activity and had one day off to see the city or other sights on Kashubia. Activities ended at 4-5 p.m. And scouts had time to cook meal and rest. From 7 p.m. till 10.30 p.m. they could participate in the evening program.