We have one simple call for you – ACT!

Imagine Scouts and Guides not only talking about change, imagine Scouts and Guides joining the European Jamboree to ACT.

The programme will be based on three pillars:

  1. “Every Scout and Guide possesses the potential to become a driver of social change. So come to the Jamboree to WAKE UP and discover your power! You will interACT with Scouts and Guides of various cultures, various languages and various countries.” We want to WAKE UP Scouts and Guides and encourage them to challenge themselves, search for the skills they have and practice new ones. These elements of the programme will be based on 21st century skills.
  2. “Use your time at the Jamboree to LOOK AROUND (the Global Goals will guide you), to learn through adventures, eye-opening discussions, and inspiring workshops”. We want to look around carefully, so Scouts and Guides can gain knowledge of exactly what is needed and be aware of what to look for in their local communities and globally. This part of the programme will be based on Sustainable Global Goals.
  3. “Using your skills and knowing where the helping hand is needed, ACT and make a change in society. ACT wisely. ACT decisively.” We want to encourage Scouts and Guides to be active, not to stay passive, reACT whenever it is needed. This part of the programme will be based on real ACTion of the Jamboree participants – changemakers.

Adventure awaits you. Press play!

Scouts take part in sport activities at a camp site on Sobieszewo Island in Gdansk, Poland August 7, 2019. ZHP/Sebastian Strachowski

Game overwiev

“The year is 2020, summer has arrived on the European Jamboree island. Warm sunbeams are hiding behind the green horizon, the fresh sea breeze brings relief after a long day. You are admiring the beauty of nature. You would love it if future generations could enjoy the richness of the planet.

Our world consists of four elements: earth which brings goods, water that is crucial for all living creatures, clear air responsible for quality and fire representing energy but as well safety.

But planet is not in good condition. People are harming it. Different ACTions need to be taken before it will be too late to save the planet from ecological damages. The time to ACT has already begun.

If every person on the planet changes their habits it would make the difference. Will you help to save the planet and overcome further damages?”

Goal of the game

Save the planet. Do everything in your power.

Game basic rules

  • The more participants who take part in the game, the higher the chances of winning.
  • The game has limited time.
  • The game ends either with failure or success.

Game Preparation

Pre-Jamboree Task – launch in autumn 2019

During the European Jamboree 2020, we will invite participants to take part in a game, starting before the Jamboree (with a pre-Jamboree task), to a grand finale during Closing Ceremony. The game will take place on the Island, surrounded by four elements: earth, air, water and fire, closer
to nature. The main goal of all the activities during the modular programme, camp life (cleaning, cooking etc.), will be part of the game. Guiding us all to ensure the Jamboree is sustainable as possible and encouraging everyone to ACT for the climate.

Scouts and guides attend activities on Sobieszewo Island, Gdansk, Poland August 10, 2019. ZHP/Weronika Malachowska

Educational Goals

The educational goals for the European Jamboree 2020 are to:

  • Build wide awareness of climate changes and inspire to reACT every day in order to save the planet
  • Encourage Scouts & Guides to discover their potential for being changemakers.
  • Raise awareness of global issues and responsibility for local communities; gain knowledge on how to ACT as an active citizen of the world.
  • Build openness to other cultures and religions and support the sense of brotherhood to live in peace
  • Learn how to embrace challenges, develop selfreliance, build self-confidence and spark the need for continuous self-improvement
  • Raise awareness, develop skills and shape attitudes to achieve the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through creating a learning environment for the future young leaders of local communities,
  • Give an opportunity to experience the unique adventure on the Island of Sobieszewo.



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