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They will light a virtual flame to show that brotherhood is paramount

GDAŃSK, 24 July (EJO) – “The Virtual Campfire” will lit up on Sobieszewska Island in Gdańsk on Tuesday, July 28, at 20.00 (UTC+2) – the day when the European Jamboree 2020 was supposed to begin. All this to show that the hope of meeting thousands of young people together has not gone out, and has moved by a year. The meeting will be attended by scouts and guides from all over the world.

The event will be a multimedia spectacle that will take the form of a campfire. Thanks to the large outdoor screens and live broadcasts on social networks of the European Jamboree, the spark from Gdansk will reach all those who planned to take part or visit the Jamboree. It is worth noting that before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, delegations of more than 80 scout and guide associations from all over the world, a total of 22,500 people, registered to participate in the Jamboree in Gdańsk.

The event will be streamed online on YouTube  and  Facebook of the European Jamboree 2020 at 20:00-20:30 UTC+2.

“The fire relay that will end up on Sobieszewska Island is a symbol of our scouting values, which are the same all over the world. Although the event has moved by a year, we want to point out that the theme “ACT! Act!” is even more relevant today. Thanks to the pandemic, we have learned that presence – even virtual – is very important, so we want to celebrate and be together on this day. We believe that in a year we will meet on Sobieszewska Island in Gdańsk”, explains Karol Gzyl from ZHP, Director of the European Jamboree.

Be a change

During the global campfire, scouts and guide will talk primarily about changes they have made in their local communities. In addition to the youth centered around the campfire on Sobieszewska Island, we will also connect with scouts and guides from Africa, South America and a representative of WWF Poland. The meeting is to be a place where scouts and guides from all over the world will be inspired to actively implement the motto “Think globally, act locally”.

European Jamboree a year later

In the summer of 2020, scouts and guides from all over the world were to meet on Sobieszewska Island, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was moved by a year. For several days, teenagers will pass the test of brotherhood that do not know political or cultural limitations. The fundamental premise of the European Jamboree is to bring together people who are focused on a common goal of creating a better world.

Beyond divisions

The European Jamboree 2020+1 in Gdansk will be a unique event. For the first time in the history of World Scouting, representatives of scouting and guiding organizations affiliated to WOSM (World Organization of the Scouting Movement) and WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) will meet at a joint jamboree organized by the Polish Scouting & Guiding Association (Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego). The event will return to Europe after 14 years, so that scouts and guides will experience the adventure of their lives.

Contact in Gdansk:

Marta Bańka,  [email protected],  tel. +48  507 146 866

Media Contact:

Monika Kubacka,  [email protected],  tel. +48  600 898 515

Dude to the safety reasons, entrance for the media is possible in protective covers. It is also possible to conduct interviews while maintaining social distance.

We provide the international broadcast signal (HD-SDI).