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Our budget is funded mostly by private sources. It includes all the activities needed to prepare and perform the European Jamboree 2020. It excludes venue construction and infrastructure works, which are both privately and publicly funded under the accountability of the Host City and restricted contribution from the European Solidarity Corps, International Visegrad Fund and the Governmental agencies of the Republic of Poland.

EJ2020’s funding comes from registration fees from Scouts and Guides, sponsorship, donations, ticket and merchandise sales and contributions from the European Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

We enjoy certain rights related to licensing European Jamboree brand in Poland, which are integral elements of our sponsorship and licensing programmes. Only official sponsors and licensees and partners formally associated with the Jamboree may use them.

Architect Oskar Amiri, speaks with Karol Gzyl and Artur Glebko during a meeting with officials at City Hall in Gdansk, Poland October 1, 2019. ZHP/Konrad Kmiec
Jamboree Planning Team meeting with City of Gdansk officials at City Hall in Gdansk, Poland October 1, 2019. ZHP/Konrad Kmiec

Over the last three years, we have periodically revised our budget, carefully looking at each of our activities to ensure that we are designing our operations to be as lean as possible. In this process, we challenged the real need for goods, materials and products and revised our levels of service.

The European Jamboree 2020 have two complementary budgets under different spheres of responsibility.

First, the Jamboree Operations budget, which is under the Host Organisation’s sphere of control and is a 99 per cent privately funded.

Second, the Host City budget, which refers to infrastructure projects, organisational and programme support providing by the Municipality of Gdańsk and its agencies.

The Host Organisation, Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego, a non-governmental and not-for-profit public benefit association in Poland created a project-based unit “European Jamboree 2020 Department”, also known as the European Jamboree 2020 Planning Team, with a short life cycle that moves from creation to termination in just four years.

We constantly change our organisational profile along the life cycle. We were a small organisation throughout the period up to two years to the Jamboree. The focus up to that point had been on building the organisational structure and the educational programme, as well as developing the brand.

In the following twelve months, the focus of EJ2020 has switched to operational planning, and we have embarked on a period of controlled growth that focuses on detailing every single aspect of the Jamboree. With 2020 came the phase of rapid growth, with staff and volunteers numbers rising quickly and set to peak at Jamboree time.

Jamboree time brings 22,000 Scouts and Guides from more than 70 countries of Europe and the world to Gdańsk for a period of 40 days, which include the final construction period of the campsite and the European Jamboree 2020.

Disassembly will start immediately after Jamboree. In this last phase, staff and volunteers numbers quickly decline, and material, financial, legal and organizational dissolution takes place, together with knowledge transfer to future Scout and Guide events.