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VC: The Spark of Scouting Reached Gdańsk

The Virtual Campfire from Sobieszewska Island in Gdańsk got us on a journey through the whole of Poland. Around the real fire, we have met with a group of four scouts and guides. On the big screen, they were joined by guests from all over the world. The production of the event, which will last about half an hour, was undertaken by the volunteers of the Jamboree Planning Team.

Together we discovered the beauty of the vast green areas of Sobieszewska Island seen in the rays of the setting sun. The course of the campfire was enriched by specially composed music and pre-produced video clips. At 20:00, at the time when the Opening Ceremony on the island was to begin, the fire brought by the scouts has been ignited.

The event was divided into five distinctive parts. In the first, we visited Sobieszewska Island, the home of the Jamboree. Then we embarked on a multimedia journey to the sources of Scouting. Young people in the special relay carried the spark and the flame through time and space to our island. The third part was to light a bonfire and gather around the flame. In part four we connected with three continents – South America, Africa and Europe. In the last part of the event, the flame of the fire has been transferred further – to all participants of the European Jamboree. At all times, in parallel to the audiovisual signal, European Jamboree volunteers chatted on social networks with the participants.

Virtual Campfire was started by four young scouts and guides at Sobieszewska Island. They come from four sides of Poland, as four sides of the world. Each of us – scouts and guides – coming for the jamboree from the farthest corners of the world to bring the scout spark and light it together.

We met at the Virtual Campfire on the day of the European Jamboree 2020 should start. Scouts from Gdansk connected with scouts from all over the world. Monica from Columbia and Magda from WWF Poland talked about what actions which we, as scouts, can do to make a world better. According to Sustainable Development Goals, there’s a lot of things and volunteer actions which we can participate in. Monica gets us closer to the Messenger of Peace program, Magda talked about WWF actions for young people.

There are so many projects organized by young people for young people. We can all participle and volunteering and inspire others to change the world. We can do something together. Something with which we meet new people, learn something new, have fun and by doing that change a world and leave it a little better place.

Today the spark of Scouting reached Gdańsk ready to keep the flame alive for next generations. The fire is burning! Take the sparks from this fire to start your own and keep your passion burning till we meet again next year.