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Youth Forum


The Youth Forum

The 2020 European Jamboree calls upon us to interACT with other Scouts and Guides from different cultures and backgrounds and Look Around to discover the world around us and learn from each other. The Youth Forum brings together participants from different countries to share their perspectives on the global issues affecting today’s young people and the world. The Youth Forum is a unique full-day, on-site activity which will tentatively run on the 6th of August. This event will bring together 100 participants for an incredible opportunity to discuss solutions to critical topics for young people, Europe and the world.

Participants will take part in a day filled with exploring, discussion and debate offering great potential to strengthen young people’s critical thinking, leadership, intercultural communication, and collaboration skills. Participants will put together their skills to help solve pressing problems and become real global active citizens.

General view of Solidarity Center (ECS) and an entrance to Gdansk Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland August 8, 2018. ZHP/Karolina Posnik

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Youth Forum will be run jointly by National Scout Organisations from Visegrad Group: